Estero Bay CERT


About Us

Mission Statement:   “The Estero Bay CERT program will train individuals in neighborhoods, businesses and industries in emergency preparedness and basic disaster response techniques, thereby enabling them to prepare, as volunteers, to take an active role in providing critical support in a safe manner to emergency service personnel during emergencies/disasters.”

 Goals and Objectives:

  • CERT is about readiness, people helping people, rescuer safety, and doing the greatest good for the greatest number. CERT is part of the National and California Citizen Corp effort endorsed by the Governor of California and the President of the United States and the Agencies of Homeland Security and the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services.
  •  CERT is a positive and realistic approach to emergency and disaster situations where citizens may initially be on their own and their actions can make a difference.
  •  CERT is designed to train, educate and inform the public regarding emergency
  •  CERT members may seek and apply for grants, with the prior permission and approval of the fire agencies, from state, federal and private organizations to fund the activities and objectives of CERT.
  • CERT members may be assigned other duties by the request of the Fire Agencies.

The Estero Bay Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) receives its direction and operates at the sole discretion of the City of Morro Fire Department, the Cayucos Fire Protection District, and the Los Osos Community Service District (South Bay Fire). Here after referred to as the “Fire Agencies”.

Generally the Estero Bay CERT teams meet at least 6 times per year on the 3rd Tuesday of the month.  Meetings locations vary.

(Note – This list was copied from the Estero Bay CERT Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) issued July 16, 2014 article 1 thru 4, 6.  Please refer to the most recent SOP document for up-to-date requirements.)