Estero Bay CERT



The Team will be activate when any one of the governing Fire Agencies feel that the professional first responders need additional assets and or support that is within the scope of CERT training. The most likely event that will cause this activation would be a large scale earthquake or other area wide emergency.  Members will be directed to report to one of the following three locations:

  1. CAL Fire Station # 15  2315 Bayview Heights Dr.   (1 block above LOVR) Los Osos
  2. Morro Bay Fire Station # 2  406 Bonita  North Morro Bay    (Cross Streets Main and Reno)
  3. Cayucos Fire Station   201 Cayucos Dr.     (Just up from the base of the pier) Cayucos, CA

Team Members do not self activate. The most likely ways we would be activated are listed below:

  • An official announcement on local commercial television.
  • TV scroll on channel 20.
  •  KVEC radio announcement, 920 on the AM dial.
  • A text message, e-mail message or phone call

REMEMBER  – When you receive official activation notification, first take care of
yourself, your family and your home, and then respond to the designated reporting location.
A. During an emergency, CERT member activation must be approved by the agency Fire Chief or his/her designee.
B. No member of CERT can self -activate. If a CERT member self-activates he/she will forfeit all protection from liability provided by the CERT program. Furthermore, the individual may be removed from the CERT program immediately.
C. CERT members shall follow the Estero Bay CERT Activation guidelines (noted above).
D. Any time a CERT member is activated; information regarding the extent of activation needs to be documented by an individual CERT member on ICS Form 214–Unit Log.This information needs to be returned to the CERT Incident Commander at the conclusion of the operational period. At a minimum, this information should include:

  • Name of CERT member
  • Assignments given and actions taken
  • Any outcomes, positive or negative, including injuries sustained

E. CERT members must operate within the scope of their CERT training, as well as comply with all federal, state and local laws when functioning as a CERT member.
F. Non-CERT trained volunteers are not to be recruited by Estero Bay CERT Members to perform CERT related duties during an emergency. If approached by non-CERT trained volunteers wanting to assist, please ask that they report to the SLO County VOAD representative at the County EOC.
G. When activated, CERT members under the age of 18 shall remain at the Incident Command Post. Minors are not permitted to participate in CERT field team activities during a disaster.
H. Any CERT member who suffers an injury while performing an assigned CERT task must immediately report the injury incurred to a supervising member of the activating Fire Department.
I. Failure to report injuries will jeopardize a CERT Member’s ability to receive worker’s compensation benefits, and any recovery for such injury is specifically and expressly limited to that available under the State of California’s Worker’s Compensation Insurance.
J. When activated, CERT members are covered under the State of California’s Disaster Service Worker’s program.
K. Once the emergency has been resolved, the supervising member of the activating Fire Department will deactivate the CERT members / teams.


(Note – This list was copied from the Estero Bay CERT Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) issued October 27, 2014 article 9.  Please refer to the most recent SOP document for up-to-date requirements.)