Estero Bay CERT



Both residents and non-residents of the Estero Bay Area may apply to be a member of the Estero Bay CERT Team.

Volunteer applicants must be a least eighteen years of age to apply. This age limit may also be at the discretion of the Fire Agencies. However, any applicants under eighteen years of age must attend the program with a parent or guardian, who must sign a Parent Permission Form.

Additional Requirements:

  •  Applicant approval is at the sole discretion of the Fire Agencies.
  •  All members of the Estero Bay CERT Team must read and sign this document (see last page: Standard Operating Procedures Agreement) and the Hold Harmless/Permission Request form, become a Disaster Service Worker (by filling out the appropriate form) and complete Incident Command System (ICS) 100.
    Note: Members, who have completed the Training Program prior to the adoption of these Standard Operating Procedures must read and sign this document within 90 days of receipt in order to continue participation in the CERT Program.
  •  CERT members must satisfactorily complete all modules, including the Skill’s Session, of the CERT Training Program.
  •  Members are expected to attend at least two training classes or meetings per year provided by (or in conjunction with) the Fire Agencies.
  •  Members shall not use their CERT membership for personal gain.
  •  Many members of CERT have skills beyond what is taught through the CERT program, e.g. physicians and other health professionals, heavy equipment operators, advanced search and rescuers, etc. While these skills may be helpful during an emergency or disaster, they are outside the CERT scope of practice as an Estero Bay CERT member.
  •  The Fire Agencies shall respect the confidentiality of any personal information members provide. The Fire Agencies will maintain contact information (including home address, email and phone number) and will only release phone numbers and email addresses to Program Coordinator(s) and other appropriate team members for the purpose of communicating about CERT related topics or as otherwise required by law. At any time, a CERT member may choose to “opt-out” and will not be contacted unless they request it.
  •  If a member leaves the CERT program for any reason, all Fire Agency issued equipment and identification shall be returned to the Program Coordinator within 30 days of notification.
(Note – This list was copied from the Estero Bay CERT Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) issued July 16, 2014 article 8.  Please refer to the most recent SOP document for up-to-date requirements.)